Amsterdam Rembrandthuis: Rembrandt’s master pupils

The Amsterdam house Rembrandt once owned, now a charming museum, is the start of a a few wonderful temporary exhibition. Most people are unaware Rembrandt generated a large part of his income by teaching. Many successful 17th century painters were his students.

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Exhibition: From William Kentridge to Wikipedia

Ever thought about how you read? What takes place? What reading involves? The small exhibition ‘The Art of Reading – from William Kentridge to Wikipedia’ focuses on just a few steps in the process of reading. It shows twenty modern works of art, all related to the art of reading.

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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam’s beautiful Maelwael exhibition

Maelwael’s nephews are now better known. Examples of their work are usually from a stunning Book of Hours. They are the Limbourg brothers and the book the ‘Très Riches Heures‘. Their patron and owner of the book was John the Magnificent or Jean de Berry.

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No joke!

Imagine, looking at a painting through a microscope and … a dead monster pops up! No: no joke! It happened to a curator while poring over olive trees, painted by Vincent van Gogh.

The painting can be found at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, in Kansas City. It just illustrates: art can kill!

2017 van Gogh grasshopperSeascapes by some impressionist contain sand particles, blown on the canvas by a sea-breeze.

The grasshopper killed by van Gogh splashing paint on canvas is a one-off; one hopes.

The Guardian has the whole story for you: dead grasshopper in painting by van Gogh.

Exhibition: Art Deco and Paul Poiret

Staff had warned me months ago: “The autumn exhibition will be a grand one again!” Despite the The Hague Gemeente Museum’s Mondriaan exhibition being nominated for an important award, it had totally not impressed nor enchanted me. Security and staff noticed, so asked me to revisit this autumn.

Heeding their advice, I visited the museum’s Art Deco exhibition. Staff and security were right. “Art Deco – Paris” is far more impressive than that Mondriaan exhibition!

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Unfinished portrait of Mary Queen of Scots

Caroline Rae, working for the London Courtauld Institute, accidentally discovered an unfinished portrait of Mary Queen of Scots. The portrait is hidden underneath another portrait by a Dutch painter. X-rays revealed the ghostly image of the Scottish Queen underneath a finished portrait of Sir John Maitland, 1st Lord Maitland of Thirlestane.

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Exhibition: African servants at the The Hague court

This small, moving exhibition can be found at The Hague’s Historical Museum. The museum is one of several around the so-called Hofvijver and close to the Mauritshuis. The exhibition focuses on the lives of Mr. Cupido and Mr. Sideron: two African servants at the 18th century court of the Oranje-Nassau Stadholder-family in The Hague.

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