Book review: Anthony Quinn’s “Our Friends in Berlin”

Another true story inspired Anthony Quinn’s recent spy-novel “Our Friends in Berlin”. His story takes place in England, during the Second World War. Its subject is the often forgotten fact, there were people in Britain who sympathized with Nazi Germany.

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Book Review: Alma Katsu’s horror story “The Hunger”

The subtitle on the front cover of “The Hunger” declares: based on a true story. For readers like me, unfamiliar with this true story, Alma Katsu includes a “Historical Note” at the end of her fictional account. The real, as well as Katsu’s fictional story, are both horrifying.

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Chintz at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

Most tourists visit the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum for works by Dutch Golden Age artists. Yet this museum exhibits more than just Dutch Golden Age art. Take its special collections, which include weapons, examples of applied art, ship models, Delft-ware and more.

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Van Gogh Museum: Gauguin, Laval, Martinique

No need to mope around a wet, cold Amsterdam: the van Gogh Museum’s latest exhibition has a tropical theme. Many are unaware, Paul Gauguin and Charles Laval spent time on Martinique. Though cut short, their stay had a great impact on both artists.

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Book review: Jan Brokken’s magnificent “Mr. Radio Philips”

Jan Brokken’s latest book describes the true story of “Mr. Radio Philips”. This “Mr. Radio Philips”, also known as “the Angel of Lithuania”, was a Dutch consul who helped Jewish refugees. Unfortunately, this book is currently only available in Dutch.

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When will da Vinci be revealed?

Louvre Abu Dhabi mailed me a really extensive mail … about celebrations and what not? Including: the new exhibition and spoken art pop-up poetry, pop-up architecture?

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Rembrandt in Paris – in Amsterdam

Late September, I revisited the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam. Its latest temporary exhibition had attracted my attention. Recent acquisitions would be displayed in this exhibition.

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Mauritshuis Museum acquires “dream”

The Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague announced today, it acquired “a dream” with financial help from donors. Its dream? A “flower cartouche” by Antwerp artist Daniel Seghers which includes a painted portrait-bust.

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Book review: Michael Palin’s “Erebus” – not for the faint hearted

The book’s cover reveals Michael Palin’s “Erebus” is a ship’s biography. Yet it is more than this. “Erebus” story will interest those familiar with Palin’s series “Pole to Pole”, as well as people interested in ships, adventures, explorations, mysteries, history.

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Still under wraps

Came across the Guardian’s article on Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”.

As mentioned earlier, the painting was to be unveiled weeks ago. It still is not on show in the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum.

Though no sound explanations are put forward why the painting is still “under wraps” in Jonathan Jones’ article; it includes a shocking photo of the painting.

This photo shows the work as it was, once varnish and previous restoration-jobs were removed.

When the work goes on display, it will certainly not look like this.

Guardian: The da Vinci mystery: why is his $450m masterpiece really being kept under warps?