Café interior by Vincent van Gogh?

Dutch media reported this morning, a new painting by Vincent van Gogh may have been discovered. The work shows an interior of a café. It bears what appears to be van Gogh’s signature in a left hand corner.

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Amsterdam “Sunflowers” removed for research and restoration

Yesterday, one of Vincent van Gogh’s beloved paintings was removed for restoration. Until Friday 22nd of February 2019, his “Sunflowers” are not exhibited in Amsterdam. The still life is usually displayed in the van Gogh Museum’s permanent exhibition building. Continue reading

Fascinated by miniature books?

The Guardian published an article on miniature books 3rd of January 2019. The London Library recently decided to put its “nearly 50 officially designated miniature books” on display. Not a grand exhibition: one glass-fronted cabinet suffices, it seems.

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Hand back our vase and flowers! Pronto!

The Guardian reported on a very special “exhibition” at the Palazzo Pitti in Italy, today. A poster of a painting went on display. This poster of a painting is framed by the word “stolen!” in three languages.

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Lost Dickens’ portrait exhibited

From today till 25th of January 2019, a portrait of Charles Dickens is displayed by Philip Mould & Company, London. The portrait was created in 1843. It mysteriously disappeared after a summer exhibition in 1844.

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Mummified cats and beetles? Explained in “Gods of Ancient Egypt”

Leiden’s Museum of Antiquities (RMO) offers a wonderful exhibition on Ancient Egypt’s deities. Visit its “Gods of Ancient Egypt” exhibition and you will understand why cats and other animals were mummified.

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Stolen Picasso recovered? Hoax!

Over the weekend, people were speculating. Had a Picasso, stolen from a Rotterdam museum, turned up? Experts were trying to establish the authenticity of the recovered work. Police were investigating.

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Willem Buytewech’s “Merry Company” joins Mauritshuis

The Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague announced, it acquired a painting by Willem Buytewech: “Merry Company”. Buytewech is better known as an early seventeenth century draughtsman and engraver. The reason: only six of his paintings still exist.

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Book review: Anthony Quinn’s “Our Friends in Berlin”

Another true story inspired Anthony Quinn’s recent spy-novel “Our Friends in Berlin”. His story takes place in England, during the Second World War. Its subject is the often forgotten fact, there were people in Britain who sympathized with Nazi Germany.

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Book Review: Alma Katsu’s horror story “The Hunger”

The subtitle on the front cover of “The Hunger” declares: based on a true story. For readers like me, unfamiliar with this true story, Alma Katsu includes a “Historical Note” at the end of her fictional account. The real, as well as Katsu’s fictional story, are both horrifying.

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