Another victim: Humanity House

Various art and antique magazines as well as papers were concerned about the threat COVID19 was for cultural venues and groups. During the first wave, predictions were bleak and the number of victims expected to be high. Lockdowns throughout Europe were expected to force closures, not just for a lockdown but for ever. Continue reading

Is the bearded man another Rembrandt?

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford currently hosts an exhibition about “young Rembrandt”. As is often the case: research and preparations for this exhibition may have led to a new discovery. A work called “Head of a Bearded Man” may have been painted by either one of Rembrandt’s students, or the artist himself.

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Frans Hals painting three times unlucky

A painting by Dutch Golden Age artist Frans Hals seems to be rather unlucky. It was stolen for a third time, Thursday 27th of August 2020. Like other works of art, it disappeared from a Dutch museum temporarily closed due to COVID19.

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‘Girl going’ – in Laren

Singer Laren announced it received a “Girl going” – or rather: it was donated a painting called “Gehendes Mädchen”. This is a work by one of my favourite artists: Max Liebermann. The work is currently displayed in the museum’s exhibition “Liebermann in Laren”.

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Jakob and Elisabeth: united again!

Good news: Jakob and Elisabeth are united again! They had their portraits painted to celebrate and commemorate their engagement – in 1539. Was it true love – or a union for more practical reasons? Read on and make up your own mind.

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Museum to exhibit Iron Age “chariot of fire”

Dutch museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen announced it will soon exhibit what remains of an Iron Age chariot grave. A chariot and body were burnt centuries ago, with the remains being collected and buried. This burial was discovered by amateur archaeologists in 2018.

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