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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.

Not finger-licking good: arsenic and old books

You are not in the habit of licking a finger, put it on a page, turn the page – are you? Whetting fingers to turn pages to read newspapers, books, manuscripts, an E-book is a rather disgusting habit. Worse: it may actually not be a finger-licking good idea!

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Classic Beauties reside at Amsterdam Hermitage

The Hermitage Amsterdam offers a temporary home to stunning classic beauties. The most beautiful among the displayed treasures are Canova’s “Three Graces”. You will find them surrounded by more wonderful art, which arrived with them all the way from St. Petersburg.

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Previously unknown screen by Kawahara Keiga exhibited

Leiden’s National Museum of Ethnology announced last week, it obtained a screen created by Japanese artist Kawahara Keiga. The unique screen has only recently been discovered.

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Dutch Design from the age of Rembrandt in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum’s exhibition-title sounds weird: “Kwab”. Yet this is the Dutch name for a style which “trended”, when Rembrandt was alive. The exhibition shows over one hundred examples of this Golden Age, Dutch Design fashion.

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Greetings – from Scheveningen!

Scheveningen Beach Resort is 200 years old. You are invited to join events and exhibitions celebrating this! One of the exhibitions, specifically aimed to please kids and grown-ups, is to be found at The Hague’s historical museum – within walking distance of the Mauritshuis.

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No Adonis!

No Adonis, that Julius Caesar! Have a look at the reconstruction, currently displayed at Leiden’s RMO. You will find it in the museum’s entrance hall, lurking behind the Egyptian temple.

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Rijksmuseum buys ‘Remembrance’ of Brittany

The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum announced today, it acquired a lovely painting by Dutch artist Jan Verkade. The painting dates from 1893 and is a portrait of a young Breton girl. The portrait shows an imaginary girl from the village of Saint Nolff in Brittany. Continue reading

Rembrandt observes people, while hosting guests

The Rembranthuis Museum was being refurbished when I visited. This does not mean it is closed. Just check its website to see which space may be temporarily closed – if any. The rest of the building continuous to offer plenty to see, including two small, fascinating exhibitions.

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