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Book review: a beautiful tribute to a forgotten group of women

Most people know Picasso’s “Guernica”; but why it was painted? Who remembers that civil war, during the late 1930s? That young people from Europe and elsewhere traveled to Spain to fight on one or the other side? That this war was an exercise, for Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy?

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Book review: Helena Janeczek’s girl in translation

The moment I noticed the book cover, I wanted to read this novel. Not because the girl winks at whoever picks up this book. No: I had heard something about female war photographers covering the Spanish Civil War. A while ago, I had also read in a newspaper, something about Robert Capa.

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Amsterdam Museum: an exhibition on fashion as statement

Visitors to the sprawling Amsterdam Museum have the opportunity to visit a small fashion exhibition. “Fashion Statements” is about fashion and identity – then and now. For those interested in fashion: a free loan booklet with English texts is available, helping to explore themes and items.

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Exhibition of Japanese photographers

A thought-provoking exhibition: “Japanese Nudes” –  or at least, this is what I thought after visiting. This exhibition is to be found at The Japan Museum Sieboldhuis in Leiden. Over a hundred photographs by thirty Japanese photographers, show the development of photography as art-form in Japan, according to the museum.

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Book Review: Takis Würger’s impressive “Der Club”

With Takis Würger’s latest novel unavailable, I picked up “Der Club” by chance. Lucky me: Würger’s first novel quite rightly became an overnight success, when it appeared in Germany in 2017. Lucky you: an English translation became available March 2019.

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Exhibition “The Smell of Success”, at the Noordbrabants Museum

No: this exhibition is about flowers and art. Remember the wonderful flower paintings and botanical images in the exhibition “The Dutch In Paris”? This exhibition of the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum closed some time ago. Missed it?

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Amsterdam Rijksmuseum exhibits donated Japanese prints

The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum recently opened an exhibition of donated Japanese prints. The prints are from the collection of Mr. Henk Herwig and Mrs. Arendie Herwig-Kempers. Their collection of prints has Kabuki as theme and is among the most eminent in the world, according to the museum.

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