Leonardo’s Virgin reveals mysteries

London’s National Gallery is preparing an exhibition on its “Virgin of the Rocks”, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. This exhibition will welcome visitors from 9th of November till 12th January 2020.

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RMO Leiden: Earthly paradises in East and West

Hurry! For this summer exhibition on medieval gardens closes per 1st September 2019. Even if you aren’t that interested in gardening, “Medieval Gardens, earthly paradises in East and West” is pretty interesting. After my visit, a “chante-pleur” tops my wanna-have-list.

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“Gloss, glory and misery” life in Golden Age The Hague

“Gloss, glory and misery – life in The Hague during the Dutch Golden Age” is an exhibition currently welcoming visitors at The Hague’s historical museum. This museum is within walking distance of the more famous Mauritshuis.

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Dutch museum discovers it owns an extra Monet

The Hague’s Gemeentemuseum shared a pleasant surprise. During restoration of one of its Monet paintings, experts discovered a secret. The news was revealed this afternoon: the museum suddenly owns an extra Monet!

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Amsterdam Museum: an exhibition on fashion as statement

Visitors to the sprawling Amsterdam Museum have the opportunity to visit a small fashion exhibition. “Fashion Statements” is about fashion and identity – then and now. For those interested in fashion: a free loan booklet with English texts is available, helping to explore themes and items.

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Exhibition of Japanese photographers

A thought-provoking exhibition: “Japanese Nudes” –  or at least, this is what I thought after visiting. This exhibition is to be found at The Japan Museum Sieboldhuis in Leiden. Over a hundred photographs by thirty Japanese photographers, show the development of photography as art-form in Japan, according to the museum.

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Exhibition “The Smell of Success”, at the Noordbrabants Museum

No: this exhibition is about flowers and art. Remember the wonderful flower paintings and botanical images in the exhibition “The Dutch In Paris”? This exhibition of the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum closed some time ago. Missed it?

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Amsterdam Rijksmuseum exhibits donated Japanese prints

The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum recently opened an exhibition of donated Japanese prints. The prints are from the collection of Mr. Henk Herwig and Mrs. Arendie Herwig-Kempers. Their collection of prints has Kabuki as theme and is among the most eminent in the world, according to the museum.

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Photographer Michael Wolf

Very upset reading German photographer Michael Wolf died in Hong Kong.

Was so very impressed by the exhibition at the Museum of Photography in The Hague of his work, last year. It included photos of his iconic series Architecture of Density, Tokyo Compression as well as other art works, created in sito.

The museum tweeted the news and included this photo:

The Hague Museum of Photography