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3 thoughts on “Contact info

  1. Dear Kate,
    Thank you so much for the nice review that you wrote about Symphonie Atlantique! I really appreciate that you took the time to write about us and I hope to see you at many more of our concerts in the future. May I ask how you heard about us? We are trying to expand our audience and it’s always great to hear about how our name got out! I hope you will write about us again soon.

    Thanks again!
    Rebecca Huber

    • Thank you ms Huber & the ensemble for a very lovely concert. Hope to hear you play more often. I regularly attend early music concerts either as part of the Early Music Festival Utrecht, or by attending as many concerts as possible within the EU. I regularly attend concerts in the Kloosterkerk when I am in The Hague, but may have heard the ensemble in Utrecht as well. Re the Kloosterkerk concert: I regularly organise cultural activities for expat organisations and had posted this concert as an activity for members, several of whom attended & enjoyed it very much.

  2. Dear Kate,

    Stephan Harsono here. I find your reviews a breeze to read, and lot of them give inputs and insight to me as a musician. Thank you! Hopefully I see more of it in the future, and I hope to meet you if possible (since you’ve attended some of my concerts 🙂

    By the way, I will be performing Shostakovich’s 1st piano concerto in Amsterdam (Paradiso, 20 April 2014) with the Nederlands Kamerorkest. Will I see you there?

    Kind regards,


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