The Hague’s Mesdag Collection: The Dutch and Barbizon

It is not necessary to visit the van Gogh Museum’s temporary exhibition to appreciate a much smaller one in The Hague. At the Mesdag Collection, the exhibition covers just three rooms. It focuses on a few Dutch and French artists working in and near Barbizon.

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The Dutch in Paris – Amsterdam van Gogh Museum

The van Gogh Museum currently treats its visitors to an interesting exhibition. Its title is “The Dutch in Paris”. This temporary exhibition can be viewed as a stand-alone one, or as the first to three related exhibitions on the same theme.

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Amsterdam, Museum van Loon: house, collection, artist

The stories of Rembrandt’s most successful assistants is currently told in two main exhibitions at different Amsterdam locations. The story starts at Rembrandt’s former home. A third exhibition can be found at another Amsterdam period home.

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Amsterdam Museum: Rembrandt’s Master Pupils II

The second exhibition on two of Rembrandt’s pupils, or rather students, can be found at the Amsterdam Museum till the 18th of February 2018. This museum tells the history of Amsterdam. It is located inside a former Amsterdam orphanage.

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Amsterdam Rembrandthuis: Rembrandt’s master pupils I

The Amsterdam house Rembrandt once owned, now a charming museum, is the start of a a few wonderful temporary exhibition. Most people are unaware Rembrandt generated a large part of his income by teaching. Many successful 17th century painters were his students.

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Exhibition: Matthijs Maris’ mysterious world

Right opposite the beautiful Maelwael exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmusem, there is a larger one. This exhibition contains nearly 80 works by Matthijs Maris. He inspired painters like Vincent van Gogh.

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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam’s beautiful Maelwael exhibition

Maelwael’s nephews are now better known. Examples of their work are usually from a stunning Book of Hours. They are the Limbourg brothers and the book the ‘Très Riches Heures‘. Their patron and owner of the book was John the Magnificent or Jean de Berry.

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Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum director resigns

The Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum is Amsterdam’s museum for modern and contemporary art. It used to be one of the world’s leading modern art museums till it closed for extensive renovation works. Two years after it reopened to the public, Beatrix Ruf became the museum’s new director.

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Exhibition: Crossroads at the Amsterdam Allard Pierson Museum

My friend and I were at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. ‘Crossroads – traveling through the Middle Ages’, the new exhibition at this museum, had  just opened. Somehow, we received a triple treat. Continue reading

Amsterdam Cromhouthuis: drawings by da Vinci, Rubens, Rembrandt

When wealthy business tycoon Carl Joseph Fodor died in 1860, he left his art collection to Amsterdam. Now a selection of absolute highlights from Fodor’s collection can be admired at a small Amsterdam canal-house. In the period house, visitors are treated to drawings by world-famous artist like da Vinci, Rubens, Rembrandt.

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