A Renoire?

Doubts were already raised in 2014 – and earlier. Now whole collection is tainted.


When I heard it, I simply couldn’t help laughing. In between the denials, then admittance by the White House, Trump lied about the call to the widow – it lightened the mood.

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Fake? Fortune? A new Rembrandt?

The period home and Rembrandt museum in Amsterdam, sent me an invitation. Not to attend an opening: their summer exhibition on the friendship between Jan Six and Rembrandt opened early May. You can visit it at Rembrandt’s former home till early September 2017.

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“Verso”: a room full of fakes

On reading the pre-announcements and advertising blurb before this exhibition opened, I raised an eyebrow. Was the Mauritshuis Museum’s modern art exhibition “Verso” worth a visit? Would it fascinate friends?

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