Book review: ‘Red Notice’ by Bill Browder

Ever wondered what the Magnitsky Act is about? Why it became a US law Putin wants rolled back – at all costs? Why Canada recently implemented its version? Why Putin got Interpol to put Bill Browder on its ‘wanted’-list? Why Mr. Browder’s US visa were revoked, then reinstated?

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A Renoire?

Doubts were already raised in 2014 – and earlier. Now whole collection is tainted.


When I heard it, I simply couldn’t help laughing. In between the denials, then admittance by the White House, Trump lied about the call to the widow – it lightened the mood.

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Just imagine

While Trump claimed he had been vindicated – and therefore his Russian headache and cloud had lifted (fake news and alternative facts, as usual) … While Theresa May had created a big, huge, enormous splitting headache – for herself, her party, plenty voters who had supported her … I accidentally hit upon a very bad idea.

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Should this be news?


Perhaps, I shouldn’t have, but the article’s content really irked me. The Guardian’s columnist Hadley Freeman today posted a “stirring” piece. Usually, I skip the Guardian’s opinion articles. Unfortunately, the headline caught my eye, so I read the piece.

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Book review: Huffington’s “Pigs at the trough”

With so much happening in the US under a leader who is not exactly known for business and other ethics, I decided to read a few golden oldies. One of these is Arianna Huffington’s “Pigs at the trough: how corporate greed and political corruption are undermining America”.
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Better slogans

The slogan of the shop kept me wondering. If it was part of a food branch, how many of these had mushroomed recently? How many casualties had their killer salads caused – since 1922?

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