No portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh but …

He collected some impressive titles, including King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania, King of France. When young, he was not just his mother’s favourite. He was also a bit of a rebel, calling himself “a little Huguenot” and apparently “even bit the nose off a statue of Saint Paul”.

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Rembrandt – revealed at Allentown?

Hardly had I sat down to read up and write on recently opened exhibitions … The news and debate broke- on the internet and in the media, mind. Does the Allentown museum have a real Rembrandt, or is it by one of the master’s top apprentices?

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Book review: “Rembrandt’s portrait of a Young Gentleman”

When the story broke earlier this year, media went ballistic. A Dutch art-dealer had discovered an unknown portrait by Rembrandt. Recently, the painting caused more headlines: a dispute between art-dealers. Rembrandt’s “Portrait of a Young Gentleman” continuous to make waves. Continue reading