Amsterdam Museum: an exhibition on fashion as statement

Visitors to the sprawling Amsterdam Museum have the opportunity to visit a small fashion exhibition. “Fashion Statements” is about fashion and identity – then and now. For those interested in fashion: a free loan booklet with English texts is available, helping to explore themes and items.

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Exhibition: Art Deco and Paul Poiret

Staff had warned me months ago: “The autumn exhibition will be a grand one again!” Despite the The Hague Gemeente Museum’s Mondriaan exhibition being nominated for an important award, it had totally not impressed nor enchanted me. Security and staff noticed, so asked me to revisit this autumn.

Heeding their advice, I visited the museum’s Art Deco exhibition. Staff and security were right. “Art Deco – Paris” is far more impressive than that Mondriaan exhibition!

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Out of fashion – in Utrecht

Utrecht’s Centraal Museum is celebrating it was the first museum to employ a paid fashion curator. It celebrates in style: an impressive fashion exhibition numbering over one hundred items can be visited till the 22nd of October 2017. The exhibition title “Out of Fashion” is of course a small joke, but also hints at how items are displayed.

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Cotton in bloom – at Leeuwarden’s Frisian Museum

Flowers everywhere: swirling in wonderful patterns and brilliant colours which will delight you. You are shown 16th century bedspreads, printed fabrics, clothes, accessories, a centuries old kimono, a modern tent. Videos explain traditional methods, used to produce prints. Or they show how centuries old methods, which are slowly disappearing, can be used to create modern art. This wonderful exhibition revolves around … chintz!
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Exhibition: to Audrey – with Love

The Gemeente Museum in The Hague has done it again. Another fabulous fashion exhibition to drool over by fashionistas, film lovers, fans young and old. This time, fashion created by Mr Hubert de Givenchy for Audrey Hepburn – and others – can be admired. The exhibition was created with the assistance of Mr de Givenchy himself.

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“Catwalk”- fashion at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is an altogether more professional and smooth-running operation than the van Gogh. If visitors need to queue outside one of the entrances into the museum, at least the museum shelters them from the worst of the Dutch weather – though the wind can howl freely through the tunnel underneath the building.

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