Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven

The annual Dutch Design Week (DDW) will end Sunday 29th of October 2017. It is the sixteenth time this major design event takes place in Eindhoven. Each year, the event increases its number of participants as well as venues.

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Cotton in bloom – at Leeuwarden’s Frisian Museum

Flowers everywhere: swirling in wonderful patterns and brilliant colours which will delight you. You are shown 16th century bedspreads, printed fabrics, clothes, accessories, a centuries old kimono, a modern tent. Videos explain traditional methods, used to produce prints. Or they show how centuries old methods, which are slowly disappearing, can be used to create modern art. This wonderful exhibition revolves around … chintz!
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Chansons Grises: three small exhibitions inspired by art, literature, music.

En robe grise et verte avec des ruches,
Un jour de juin que j’étais soucieux,
Elle apparut souriante à mes yeux
Qui l’admiraient sans redouter d’embûches
(Paul Verlaine, “La Bonne Chanson“)

These lines are from Paul Verlaine‘s “La Bonne Chanson“. Verlaine’s poetry inspired designer Peter George d’Angelino Tap. A few of his creations are on show at three small museums in The Hague till the end of March 2016. The title of the three exhibitions is “Chansons Grises”.

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Film Review: “Dior and I”

After watching the biographical film Yves SL last year, as well as a few documentaries about French fashion designers launching collections, “Dior and I” was left on the back-burner. Too much fashion, too much style, too many people spending astonishing amounts of money on non-stylish haute couture can be too much. There were also a lot of interesting films released at the same time. But finally, it was time for “Dior and I”.

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