Hollywood rehash of “Toni Erdmann”

Oh dear: Hollywood has woken up to the fact that the German-Austrian film “Toni Erdmann” is raking in many awards and making money. “Toni Erdmann” was the sensation of last year’s Cannes Film Festival. It can currently can be seen in art house and other cinemas in and outside Europe. It has also been released on DVD.

Now Paramount has officially announced there will be a Hollywood remake. It says a lot about the USA film industry, that it needs to remake yet another excellent and award-winning European film. Recently, Meryl Streep lent her star-status to rake in money for Hollywood, by turning up in “Florence”. This is the American remake of the hilarious French film called “Marguerite”.

In the not that distant future, those who have not enjoyed “Toni Erdmann” in the original version by Maren Ade, can have a look at an American rehash.

Apparently, Jack Nicholson – a mere eighty years old – was persuaded to quit semi-retirement to imitate Peter Simonischek. Kristen Wiig will copy-cat Sandra Hüller. Let’s hope Hollywood will manage not to bungle the affair.

If the announcement of an unnecessary remake is not screaming pathetic and all about the money – what is?

The news is also quite hilarious, for it stresses on of “Toni Erdmann” ‘s messages: some folks are prepared to go to extreme lengths to further careers and make a whopping amount of money. Though the latter – in the case of the Hollywood rehash – will remain to be seen.

Variety: Paramount to remake “Toni Erdmann”