Exhibition: ‘Art Nouveau in the Netherlands’

Plenty visitors, me included, loved the recent Art Deco & Paul Poiret exhibition at The Hague’s Gemeentemuseum. This exhibition, now closed, raised expectations high for ‘Art Nouveau in the Netherlands’, at the same museum.

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Trust the satnav!

Can Google Maps and other satnav software be trusted? Some swear by such software. Many swear at the software. Some unflappables allow some leeway.

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Princess, paintings, friends: fun!

While waiting for friends,staff at one of the museums I used to work for had a chat with me. They told me about their event, special guest, to sign up quickly. This monthly event is becoming very popular, but the number of tickets remains limited.
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Brussels’ Museum Night Fever

Brussels is getting ready. Getting ready to celebrate its 10th Museum Night Fever. What’s Museum Night Fever?

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BRAFA 2017

BRAFA, Brussels’ Art Fair, opened Saturday 21st of January with 132 antiquarians and gallery owners taking part this year. It takes place at Brussels’ Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port, till Sunday 29th of January.

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Rain: buckets, mops, wet feet at Brussels museums

The Louvre and Booijmans van Beuningen are not the only museums. But their evacuation of art under threat, was temporary. The situation in a few Brussels museums and historical buildings differs greatly.

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Parlamentarium: a splendid introduction to the EU and European Parliament

A visit to the Parlamentarium in Brussels should be compulsory! It should not only be obligatory for all citizens – especially politicians – of the European member states. Non-Europeans should visit it too! Especially with recent events in Europe, ranging from the financial and refugee crisis, terrorist attacks, Brexit to the appalling murder of Mrs Cox.

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Exhibition: Crinolines in Brussels

One enters this exhibition by brushing through a row of long petticoats. This seems rather odd. All is explained at the start of the fshion exhibition “Crinolines & cie”, at the Brussels Costume and Lace Museum.

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Book review: “Clarissa’s Comfort Food”

Her autobiography and several other of her books stand in my bookcase. This one was new to me and its price was nice. Moreover: who can resist comfort food? A whole cookery book full of it!

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Did it really change history?

This is the year the Battle of Waterloo is commemorated. Next week, it will be reenacted in fields near Brussels. John Lichfield’s article on the importance of this battle is quite interesting, as he debunks a myth or two.  Continue reading