Exhibition: Lively towns, captured by Dutch Impressionists

As mentioned in an earlier post, visitors to The Hague are treated to two exhibitions shedding some light on poverty and town-life. At the The Hague Historical Museum, near the Mauritshuis, an exhibition compares the lives of the rich and poor of the town. The exhibition at the The Hague Gemeentemuseum focuses on Dutch Impressionists.

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“Catwalk”- fashion at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is an altogether more professional and smooth-running operation than the van Gogh. If visitors need to queue outside one of the entrances into the museum, at least the museum shelters them from the worst of the Dutch weather – though the wind can howl freely through the tunnel underneath the building.

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Fourteen kimono-wearing girls visit Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

From the 20th of February 2016, fourteen girls dressed in kimonos will be staying at the Philips Wing of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam for a short visit. For the first time, the series of fourteen paintings by Dutch painter G.H. Breitner, will be shown together in one exhibition.

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