Utrecht Early Music Festival 8: Ensemble Hesperi

KuuB’s owner Mr. Jaap Roëll, introduced Scottish ensemble “Hesperi”. Their fringe concert took place in his art gallery. Tickets for this concert had completely sold out. Even extra seats provided by volunteers and the owner for people without tickets queuing to attend, were not enough to seat all! The last few people without tickets had to be turned away – and sadly, they missed a wonderful fringe concert. A truly fabulous concert!

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Utrecht Early Music Festival 7: So”What’s new?”

The short “What’s new?” series of lectures are half-hour presentations by musicians who present their research. It is a new feature of the Early Music Festival and takes place nearly each festival day. The talks take place in Herz, at Tivoli-Vredenburg and start at 18:30.

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Utrecht Early Music Festival 5: Aleksander Mocek

The last fringe concert of the day, was another Fabulous one – in every respect. The instrument was one of my favorites. Musician Aleksander Mocek would proof to be as excellent and fabulous as the Hieronymous ensemble. No better way to conclude a perfect, rosy warm summer day in scenic Utrecht, filled with wonderful music, than with an outstanding and engaging performance.

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Utrecht Early Music Festival 5: Smith, Hewitt & Macias

No names of composers, but of the musicians of this ensemble. They focused on works by Walther, Mayer, Telemann and Händel. They aimed to create the illusion of a garden waking up to a perfect summer day, complete with dewy roses and plenty of bird-song. The early morning was followed by drowsy noon and the perfect afternoon. A kind of synopsis of an Early Music Festival day.

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Utrecht Early Music Festival 4: Le Voci delle Grazie

The Utrecht Early Music Festival is a training, selection and “breeding” ground for young, talented musicians. After being invited to take part in fringe concerts for one or more years, the best musicians will be promoted to the Fabulous Fringe circle. Musicians belonging to this circle will get the chance to perform in the best concert halls the festival offers. The same concert halls where international, world-famous ensembles perform.

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Utrecht Early Music Festival 3: Hieronymous

The first fringe concert of the festival was simply sublime. A perfect performance and the start for the festival could not have been better.

Ensemble Hieronymus called their fringe performance “Evensong: Anthems, Psalms, Responsoria”. Though 11:00 in the morning is not exactly the right time for Evensong, the title and concert tied in perfectly with this year’s festival theme.

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