Pompeii take-away delights archaeologists

Archaeologists who partly unearthed a Roman take-away in Pompeii in 2019, have shared more information as they continue to work on the spot. This “snack bar” is not unique, for Pompeii had over one hundred of them. What does delight archaeologists: the shop is fairly complete and unlike at other ‘take-away’ shops, its frescoes are preserved.

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Did these wrecks once belong to a Spanish fleet?

Dutch media reported, wrecks and remains of ships which may have been part of a Spanish fleet were recently discovered. The wrecks were discovered near Hoorn, in the Markermeer. This artificial lake was once part of the Dutch Zuiderzee, which in turn was connected to the North sea.

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Another arrest in Green Vault Heist

German Police told media early this morning, another suspect linked to the spectacular Green Vault Heist was arrested. They are still looking for his twin brother.

As plenty of you remain interested: Guardian has a short article: Fugitive Twin arrested; as does Deutsche Welle: Dresden Green Vault heist.

A day later: German police raid various addresses over the Canadian Gold Coin theft.

If you kept track of developments and read reports, you know members of the same gang that robbed Dresden’s Green Vault, were involved in the theft from Berlin’s Bode Museum.

Guardian: Berlin police raid homes
Deutsche Welle: German police launch raid

Canadian coin exhibited at Bode Museum likely melted down after theft.