Book review: “The American Princess” by A van der Zijl

While researching a biography, about Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Dutch author Annejet van der Zijl came across one of his aunts. Not a real aunt, but an “adopted” one. The aunt became godmother to his eldest daughter, Beatrix. The aunt was American.
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Exhibitions to visit in the Rodin Year

Of course you know his “Thinker”. It is one of the best known sculptures in the world. Perhaps you have seen “The Kiss”, or his “Balzac”, or “Burghers of Calais”. Or you may be familiar with his sketches and drawings? Or his unorthodox private life?

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Book review: Pussy Riot – How to start a Revolution by N. Tolokonnikova

The English translation was supposed to be available from autumn 2016. The German version was published spring 2016. The Dutch and Flemish translation hit the market a few weeks ago. Yet the large international web-based book shops state it is “unavailable”. Has Pussy Riot’s greatest fan, Mr V. Putin, bought up all copies?

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An introduction to Bob Dylan’s literary world

It was an astonishing performance. An hour of texts and music which influenced Bob Dylan, as well as his own lyrics and versions. The words, meanings, messages mainly written during the 1950s and 1960s were eye-openers. Last chance to attend: 28th of March 2017 – in Amsterdam.

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Once important enough to be painted; now unknown

On a recent visit to Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, I sauntered through its lower level rooms. Most tourists prefer its floor with the Night Watch and other Dutch Golden Age treasures. I was exploring its art from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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Turkish Tulips at Amsterdam

Sorry, teased you a bit. The title of the small exhibition at the canal house museum van Loon does refer to tulips. However, it also refers to the artist’s name and works of art by him and his friends. While walking through this period home, you need to watch carefully to detect some of the exhibited modern art. It is a bit of a treasure hunt.

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Spring’s back

Spring’s back.It can’t be denied!

It’s not because temps are rising and early bulbs are above ground and blooming. It’s not the catkins out and imitating the special early greenish yellow tiny buds of leaves. It’s not even the silhouettes of white egrets walking about in ditches and ponds imitating ballet dancers.

It’s storks suddenly back from spending the winter in Africa.Last year, all of a sudden they were gone. Now, all of a sudden, they’re back.

Yesterday, I spotted a few looking down from a nest high in a tree and a nest on a special long pole. They looked rather disorientated. I had to blink twice, but thought: uhm – black and white outfit and up in such nests? I wasn’t sure though. It was from quite a distance.

Now I am. Today, I saw at least four prancing sedately through fields they shared with sheep, silly lambs, a couple of cows. Not just that black and white out fit, but large orange bills and legs. Yes, they’re back from Africa!

And I’m sure. I’m 100% certain.
We are heading towards spring!