Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven

The annual Dutch Design Week (DDW) will end Sunday 29th of October 2017. It is the sixteenth time this major design event takes place in Eindhoven. Each year, the event increases its number of participants as well as venues.

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Book review: ‘Red Notice’ by Bill Browder

Ever wondered what the Magnitsky Act is about? Why it became a US law Putin wants rolled back – at all costs? Why Canada recently implemented its version? Why Putin got Interpol to put Bill Browder on its ‘wanted’-list? Why Mr. Browder’s US visa were revoked, then reinstated?

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Branoul’s ‘Wiener Kaffeehaus’

When news started to buzz, there would be a “Wiener Café” – or rather Wiener Kaffeehaus – evening at Branoul, free tickets for the pay-what-you-want performance sold out in no time. Friends, leaving it till too late, were disappointed. Their only option was, to try get tickets for the performance at an Amsterdam theater, a day later.

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Exhibition: African servants at the The Hague court

This small, moving exhibition can be found at The Hague’s Historical Museum. The museum is one of several around the so-called Hofvijver and close to the Mauritshuis. The exhibition focuses on the lives of Mr. Cupido and Mr. Sideron: two African servants at the 18th century court of the Oranje-Nassau Stadholder-family in The Hague.

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Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum director resigns

The Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum is Amsterdam’s museum for modern and contemporary art. It used to be one of the world’s leading modern art museums till it closed for extensive renovation works. Two years after it reopened to the public, Beatrix Ruf became the museum’s new director.

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Expected: Mata Hari at the Fries Museum, Leeuwarden

Early 1917, a girl from Leeuwarden – in Friesland, the Netherlands – was arrested by French police. Margaretha Zelle had long left the Netherlands and was living in Paris. There, she had become an overnight sensation as a dancer using the stage-name Mata Hari.

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Exhibition: Crossroads at the Amsterdam Allard Pierson Museum

My friend and I were at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. ‘Crossroads – traveling through the Middle Ages’, the new exhibition at this museum, had  just opened. Somehow, we received a triple treat. Continue reading

Book review: Fred Vargas – Temps Glaciaires

Fred Vargas is one of my favourite French detective writers. So when I found a translation of ‘Temps Glacieres’, it should have been a delight to read – right? Of course: nothing wrong with the story, but I should have steered clear of the translation.

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