Should this be news?


Perhaps, I shouldn’t have, but the article’s content really irked me. The Guardian’s columnist Hadley Freeman today posted a “stirring” piece. Usually, I skip the Guardian’s opinion articles. Unfortunately, the headline caught my eye, so I read the piece.

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Spring’s back

Spring’s back.It can’t be denied!

It’s not because temps are rising and early bulbs are above ground and blooming. It’s not the catkins out and imitating the special early greenish yellow tiny buds of leaves. It’s not even the silhouettes of white egrets walking about in ditches and ponds imitating ballet dancers.

It’s storks suddenly back from spending the winter in Africa.Last year, all of a sudden they were gone. Now, all of a sudden, they’re back.

Yesterday, I spotted a few looking down from a nest high in a tree and a nest on a special long pole. They looked rather disorientated. I had to blink twice, but thought: uhm – black and white outfit and up in such nests? I wasn’t sure though. It was from quite a distance.

Now I am. Today, I saw at least four prancing sedately through fields they shared with sheep, silly lambs, a couple of cows. Not just that black and white out fit, but large orange bills and legs. Yes, they’re back from Africa!

And I’m sure. I’m 100% certain.
We are heading towards spring!



Greetings – from occupied Austria

A last-minute change of mind ensured I attended an awfully interesting lecture. The subject was a family history. The family was one of many, torn apart through migration. Of this family, members managed to migrate – while others were left behind in Nazi occupied Austria.
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Book review: Memoirs – “Code Name Pauline”

Pearl Witherington Cornioley and Hervé Larroque’s short book aims to tell Pauline’s story to young adults. It is part of a series called “Women of Action” But though aimed at young adults, it does not mean the book may only appeal to this specific age group.

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One of my pet hates

One of my pet hates are people who repeatedly do not bother to check facts, information, news which museums and art galleries and  other cultural venues publish. Publish for free and easily available – provided someone bothers to visit cultural venues’ websites.

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Part of the economics department of the university in a friend’s town is branching out. A new location has been found. The new branch will have its own canteen and café.

This has not deterred some project developer from presuming students swim in money, are always hungry, love fast food. So right next to the uni department’s new branch, a row of fast food shops are being built. A MacDonald’s with café, will open soon. Shops of other international brands are under construction.

I thought one shop was going to be the exception to this row of fast food chains. I presumed at least one shop would offer healthy food to talented, young hopefuls.

Not so, I’m afraid. On my way home, I read its slogan, proudly sprawled across the shop front of this yet to open venue:

“Been making killer salads since 1922!”

Seems Sweeney Todd has entered town.