Interested in taking a dekko?

First time I heard the expression “taking a dekko”, was during a walk with a friend. She had grabbed a chance to snoop around someone else’s house. Yeah, roll your eyes, but in times of COVID-19: what about a virtual dekko?

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Book review: Mar Oomen’s Dutch “Missievaders”

This non-fiction book is currently only available in Dutch. Mar Oomen, journalist and anthropologist, wrote more books and writes for media too. Her latest is based on family documents and describes the story of two generations of Dutch Catholic expats off on missions to improve the world. Continue reading

Book review: Five Stories about Ferrara – in translation

Unfortunately, not having mastered Italian, I had to read “Cinque storie ferraresi – Dentro le Mura”  in translation. Omitting Ferrara, the subtitle was taken and translated: within the walls. The wall or walls refer to medieval town-walls, which play a role in all five stories.

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