Exhibition by IWC The Hague artists inspires

The International Women Contact (IWC) has branches in various cities around the world. It fosters friendship and understanding between women from different countries, different religions, different backgrounds. It is non-political and non-religious and supports many charities.

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Book review: Five Stories about Ferrara – in translation

Unfortunately, not having mastered Italian, I had to read “Cinque storie ferraresi – Dentro le Mura”  in translation. Omitting Ferrara, the subtitle was taken and translated: within the walls. The wall or walls refer to medieval town-walls, which play a role in all five stories.

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Just imagine

While Trump claimed he had been vindicated – and therefore his Russian headache and cloud had lifted (fake news and alternative facts, as usual) … While Theresa May had created a big, huge, enormous splitting headache – for herself, her party, plenty voters who had supported her … I accidentally hit upon a very bad idea.

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