Castello Consort can’t cope with criticism

By now, they have been reported. But just a warning, if like me, you are a culture journalist. Some musicians can’t take criticism – even if it is not directed at them and journalists are merely citing other people.

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Trust the satnav!

Can Google Maps and other satnav software be trusted? Some swear by such software. Many swear at the software. Some unflappables allow some leeway.

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Just imagine

While Trump claimed he had been vindicated – and therefore his Russian headache and cloud had lifted (fake news and alternative facts, as usual) … While Theresa May had created a big, huge, enormous splitting headache – for herself, her party, plenty voters who had supported her … I accidentally hit upon a very bad idea.

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Dada and Donald’s tweet

A few weeks ago, friends and I attended a literary evening. As usual, the evening not only included recital of poetry, but also appropriate chamber music. This evening was a German one and its theme Dada.

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Falling over their feet


It is rather irksome. Yesterday, friends collected me and we drove through town. While turning around the Houses of Parliament, we were greeted by an astonishing sight.

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Film Review: the hilarious and challenging Toni Erdmann

Despite plenty awards, it took a while for this film to be released in the UK. “Toni Erdmann” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in April 2016. ¬†Since the start of February 2017, it can finally be admired in the UK.

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The Sherlock hack

While the Dump is still screaming murder, causing mayhem, denying everything and especially a certain report, there is a new headache. Was the BBC to blame? Were the Russians to blame? This latest hack was of such staggering importance, it was reported by the BBC six o’clock news this week – followed by NBC and the rest of the media circus.

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A perfect job search

Unlike the Lump and other folks on this earth, I am weary and sceptical – about the benefits of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and related media without which the world is unable to turn these days, are simply not on my priority or to-do-list.

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Better slogans

The slogan of the shop kept me wondering. If it was part of a food branch, how many of these had mushroomed recently? How many casualties had their killer salads caused – since 1922?

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