They did not even miss it!

The UK’s Guardian reports, a painting which was stolen – and not even missed by its museum – has been returned! It is a copy of the world’s most expensive painting. Don’t know about you, but even if I had a very bad copy of a Leonardo painting, I’d miss it!

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Another arrest in Green Vault Heist

German Police told media early this morning, another suspect linked to the spectacular Green Vault Heist was arrested. They are still looking for his twin brother.

As plenty of you remain interested: Guardian has a short article: Fugitive Twin arrested; as does Deutsche Welle: Dresden Green Vault heist.

A day later: German police raid various addresses over the Canadian Gold Coin theft.

If you kept track of developments and read reports, you know members of the same gang that robbed Dresden’s Green Vault, were involved in the theft from Berlin’s Bode Museum.

Guardian: Berlin police raid homes
Deutsche Welle: German police launch raid

Canadian coin exhibited at Bode Museum likely melted down after theft.

Book review: The Orpheus Clock – Simon Goodman’s quest for a lost art collection

Early September, I finished reading a moving book on the fate of a lost art collection. In his “The Orpheus Clock”, Simon Goodman describes the history of the Gutmann Art Collection. Everybody knows the Rothschilds, their bank, their properties and art collections? How many know Eugen Gutmann not only established the Dresdner Bank, but also owned a famous art collection?

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Frans Hals painting three times unlucky

A painting by Dutch Golden Age artist Frans Hals seems to be rather unlucky. It was stolen for a third time, Thursday 27th of August 2020. Like other works of art, it disappeared from a Dutch museum temporarily closed due to COVID19.

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