Book review: Daniel Kehlmann’s “Ich und Kaminski”

Daniel Kehlmann’s “Ich und Kaminski” appeared over ten years ago. By now, it has been translated into English and other languages. As happens with very successful books: it was turned into a film as well. Worth reading?

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Book review: Andrea Camilleri on Caravaggio’s last years

Someone had mentioned Andrea Camilleri’s thrillers and how popular this Italian author is. Being unfamiliar with the author and his books, I trotted off to a local library. Fortunately, it offered two translations. The slimmest was about Caravaggio; ensuring I chose it.

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Book Review: Fred Vargas offers some deliciously deadly poison

Fred Vargas is among the detective writers whose books are a must-read for me. So when a (non-English) translation of “Quand sort la recluse” recently appeared, I could not wait to read it. The book is part of the Adamsberg-series and follows “Climate of Fear”. Continue reading

Book review: no medal for Gross’ “Saboteur”

On the last few pages of his “Saboteur”, Andrew Gross writes he discovered this story during his research for the previous bestseller. Must have been asleep; for this is one of the well-known stories of World War II. A real story which Gross used to create fiction.  Continue reading

Book Review: McDermid’s “Insidious Intent”

Val McDermid’s “Insidious Intent” appeared in 2017. It is the tenth and perhaps last detective novel featuring heroes Carol Jordan and Tony Hill. McDermid ends the book with a request to readers who finished it: do not to divulge how it ends!

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Book Review Claire Douglas’ “Local Girl Missing”

Every town has its secrets. This is the subtitle of “Local Girl Missing”, a thriller written by Claire Douglas. Not her most recent one; but dating from 2016.  Continue reading

Book review: Comey on loyalty, truth, leadership

James Comey’s book “A Higher Loyalty” caused a hype, because everybody wanted to know more about Trump. Yet the book is about loyalty, truth, lies and leadership – not just Trump. Now the hype is over, I finally got the chance to read a translation.

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Book review: Frank Tallis – “The Incurable Romantic”

Frank Tallis’ “The Incurable Romantic” is a non-fiction work. It was first published in 2017. July 2018, a translation appeared for Flemish and Dutch readers.

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Remembering female resistance members: Edith Cavell biography

Women were not just active in the WWII Resistance. Many played important roles in the Resistance, during WWI too. One of these was Edith Cavell.

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