Cheap imitator strikes again …

Just notified WordPress, but that company gone commercial, running after the $$$ and not putting customers first … It may take a while for them to act against some cheap imitator.

If you follow this blog, you know that some cheap imitator thought my site was something nice to copy-cat, generate traffic, rake in money? Apparently, it is not just art and culture lovers who notice my blog, the number of visits, the interesting statistics?

When I noticed some other website suddenly profiting from my hard work by stealing my name, my website and blog name? Sure, I notified WordPress as this is a copy-right and intellectual property theft … It took some persuasion for WordPress to act?

For a while, things went quiet until I checked one of my posts I just updated and published and … Sure enough: the cheap imitator had struck again!

So to repeat the message and information mentioned elsewhere on my site:

uses the prefix katevents to imitate my bona fide website and blog to ensure it ranks well using Google and undoubtedly other search engines.


No, I don’t do sports.I am totally not into sports. I am a legit culture contributor and love blogging about the arts, museums and related topics.

No, I suspect with this kind of behaviour that Katerinievents is not generating enough traffic or attracting enough visitors to the liking of whoever created the copy-cat website.

This kind of behaviour usually is a strong hint of dodgy, criminal behaviour. Moreover, if you are good, you do not need to imitate someone else’s website and blog name and pen-name and what not.

Ordinary journalists, translators, writers do not need nor want to lure online visitors and traffic to their websites by borrowing bits of names, imitate a website, steal a website’s name. Likely whoever is lurking behind the “katevents – katerinie events” and covers “Handball”, as well as museums and events is after other things.

Great Imitator


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