Coin still lost; ring still lost

The Big Maple Leaf is still missing. So is the ring. It disappeared long before the Big Maple: in 2011.

So if you’re holidaying in the right spots, perhaps you had better start a treasure hunt? The Maple Leaf was stolen from a Berlin museum earlier this year. Most likely, it no longer exists – after likely having been melted down.

Cartier diamond ring, missing from British Museum

The diamond ring walked out of the British Museum in London somewhere around 2011. It was created by Cartier. It is worth a mere trifle: £750,000.

What is really odd: the museum missed it in 2011. (So it may actually have walked out earlier?) Police were called in. According to the media, they did not take action.

The Guardian and other papers now report that in 2016: “… under its regulations, the museum had to report the ring as lost five years after its disappearance was first noted. The ring was given to the museum by an anonymous donor and was kept in the study collection, an area not accessible to the public. …

The ring must have been far easier to remove from its museum, than the Gold Maple Leaf. Whose finger might it grace now? Not mine.

I must admit, I occasionally find discarded rings, while sauntering through various European towns. So far, none has come over the value of 5 Euro – usually less. But perhaps you have more luck?

Regardless: if you are in London and not into hunting for lost treasures, the British Museum remains worth a visit. It currently has a very successful exhibition on Hokusai. No day passes without tweets from raving visitors. Want to have a look, before this exhibition closes in August? Tickets are available through the British Museum’s website.

Guardian: Cartier diamond ring
British Museum: Hokusai – beyond the Great Wave, can be visited till 13th of August 2017


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