Thieves found, coin still lost

German newspapers announced Berlin police have arrested some of the thieves involved in the theft of a Canadian gold coin.

As posted in March, the “Big Maple Leaf” was stolen from the Bode museum. The coin was part of an exhibition. It weighed 100-kilo and had an estimated value of several million Euros.

Police revealed the thieves carried the huge coin through a window, down a ladder, then put it in a wheelbarrow and carted it off. From the start the coin went missing, police presumed it would be meldted down. Despite recent arrests, the coin remains missing.

Big Maple Leave 01Several people were arrested at different locations in Berlin. It is not known if all people involved in the heist are now arrested. Most who were arrested have a criminal background. At at least one location, police recovered guns.

The arrests followed, after Berlin police released a video about a week ago, showing three of the masked criminals.

Frankfurter Algemeine




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