Found it yet?

Have you come across it? Have you found it yet? You must have heard about it. The big maple leaf went missing – a few days ago.

It’s not actually a maple leaf. It takes two to handle, as it weighs about as much as a fridge: a mere 100 kg. So no use rummaging through your pockets, or look into your handbag.

Big Maple Leaf was its nick-name. Not difficult to guess: it belongs to Canada. It had traveled to Berlin to be part of an exhibition.

It’s not made from maple syrup, but from pure 24 carat gold. Oh – and it’s a coin and is worth over $1 million – more like $5 million. There are – or were – only six such coins in the whole world.

The coin was stolen from the Berlin Bode Museum, early Monday morning. It was inside a case of bullet-proof glass. Of course, the museum is devastated as this is one of the most expensive thefts in Germany since WWII.

Just in case the coin has not yet been melted down – here’s what it looks like:

It is 3cm (1.18in) thick, 53cm in diameter, and carries a likeness of Queen Elizabeth II on one side, as Canada’s head of state. The other side shows the Canadian national symbol, the maple leaf.

Big Maple Leave 01

Canadian Star: already melted down?






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