Tower of Babel visits Japan

Fans and visitors of the Rotterdam Museum Boijmans van Beuningen received sad news, a few weeks ago. A selection of the museum’s masterpieces can not be admired from last Sunday till autumn 2017. Or rather, they can’t be admired in Rotterdam, for they will travel to Japan.

So this is good news – if you live in Japan. If you are, you had better jot down dates in your diary. Provided you are interested in great masterpieces created by Flemish and Dutch artists during the 15th and 16th century.

Breughel Tower of BabelOn Tuesday the 18th of April, the exhibition “The Tower of Babel and other 16th century Masterpieces” will open. This exhibition can be visited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum till the 25th of June. From the 11th of July till the 9th of October, the exhibition can be visited at the National Museum of Art in Osaka.

Important pieces from the Boijmans collection include Pieter Breugels’ “Tower of Babel”. Accompanying this popular work are two paintings by Hieronymus Bosch from the Boijmans collection. These are Bosch’s “Wayfayer” and “Saint Christopher”.

Works on loan to the Japanese museums also include a further 36 paintings, 43 prints and 10 statues from the fifteenth and sixteenth century. If this will not create a fabulous exhibition … Both Japanese museums expect the exhibition to draw large crowds.

Boijmans Bosch WayfarerAs for Boijmans, Breughel, or Hieronymus Bosch fans left moping in Europe … There is the exhibition focusing on surrealism, the small exhibition on Guercino, the small exhibition on prints by Max Klinger, the “Living Surface” exhibition and several others currently on show at the Boijmans Museum. Oh: and plenty other works from the museum’s collection to be admired as well. For up-to-date info: visit the museum’s website.

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum
NMAO Osaka


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