Brussels’ Museum Night Fever

Brussels is getting ready. Getting ready to celebrate its 10th Museum Night Fever. What’s Museum Night Fever?

It means a mere 23 Brussels museums are open to visitors – with valid tickets – till past 2017-museum-night-fever-brussels-2midnight. And we aren’t even talking about the pre- and after-parties. And believe me, the Belgians know how to party. Then there are plenty workshops, guided tours, dj’s, artists, video-shows, whatever taking place as well. The program promises a very wild, wild museum night!

Tickets cost 11 Euro – for free access to those 23 participating museums from early evening to early morning. You want to join the after-party? Then a ticket will cost you 18 Euro.

Oh yes, the most crucial info: Brussels’ Museum Night Fever 2017 takes place on the 11th of March. As for all the info about what happens when where, you’ll have to visit the Museum Night Fever website. The link to buy tickets – if there are still available – and what is happening is included below.

Unable to join the fun in Brussels? Nowadays, nearly every major town has its own museum-late-night. So have a look what’s on offer in your very own place, or whatever city you are visiting.

Brussels Museum Night Fever


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