Miffy’s dad died

A real rabbit hopping in the Dutch dunes. A bed-time story for his son about this rabbit. It was all Dick Bruna needed to create Miffy – in Dutch called Nijntje (short for klein konijn; small rabbit) surnamed Pluis (Fluff). In 1955, the first Dick Bruna Miffy booklet was published.

nijntje-miffin-dick-brunaAccording to Dick Bruna, drawing his Nijntje Pluis or Miffy, was not at all easy. In an interview on Dutch television he explained how difficult it was to have the character show emotions. He had the dots and a line for eyes and mouth or nose. So it took a lot of thinking and drawing and re-drawing, before Mr Bruna was satisfied.

Due to health problems, Mr Bruna stopped drawing his well-known cartoon character about two years ago. Many children grew up and know his Miffy. The little rabbit will live on as Mr Bruna’s legacy to the world.

Miffy fan? Miffy, based on that real little rabbit hopping through the Dutch dunes, has its very own museum. It is located in Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

Miffy Museum


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