The Sherlock hack

While the Dump is still screaming murder, causing mayhem, denying everything and especially a certain report, there is a new headache. Was the BBC to blame? Were the Russians to blame? This latest hack was of such staggering importance, it was reported by the BBC six o’clock news this week – followed by NBC and the rest of the media circus.

The last episode of the most recent Sherlock series circulated on the web.
Lots of folks watched it there.
So what?

2017-bbc-sherlock-1The concluding episode, was available through the web well before its officially scheduled BBC release. So fans and viewers unaware of this, watched stale television drama on BBC One, Sunday evening.

All hell broke loose – Saturday. The BBC found out and begged – yes, begged – people in the papers, on Facebook, through other social media, to not watch the illegal upload. Fat chance.

The BBC and the series producer blamed Russia and Russian hackers. The rest of us, having recently watched developments considering an election hack, knew what was coming.

Sure enough: the Russians denied everything. The Russian television station claims the BBC must have been hacked. An alternative Russian version soon followed: it might have been hacked.

Now that would be a nice twist:  Russian hackers hacking Russian state television servers. Apparently, the BBC and Russian Station One are now jointly “investigating” the hack, or leak.

Too bad Holmes and Watson can’t be called in to solve this latest mystery: the hacking of the aptly named “The Final Problem”. Trump considers the CIA and whatever intel crowd totally useless. Saner folks know the FBI handles such hacks rather dubiously. Perhaps James Bond, or some other MI6 secret agent may be willing to do the job and publish a report?

As for the BBC Sherlock series: the first one was amazing, the second one good. Like any successful soap, it became less and less interesting. Fans will not like it, but I found the latest series not worth the trouble watching. Not on the web, nor on the BBC.

Telegraph: BBC investigating
Independent: Did Russia


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