Exhibition: The mysterious Hercules Segers

As a magazine editor wanted a short article specifically about the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, I am late blogging about the mysterious Hercules Segers. I sent off the article with a deadline and all required information. The deadline expired without a reaction, so: visiting Amsterdam?


An etching plate of Hercules Segers was owned and reworked by Rembrandt van Rijn

Of course, you visit the Rijksmuseum and its main gallery full of those famous Rembrandt paintings. But the museum has much more to offer, like its current retrospective of Hercules Segers.

Hercules whom? Now completely forgotten, Hercules Segers was a painter and etcher admired by Rembrandt. Rembrandt owned no less than eight of his paintings and later also acquired at least one pf Segers’ etching plates. Segers’ etching inventions and experiments inspired Rembrandt to experiment with etching techniques himself.

The exhibition on Hercules Segers, is located in the Rijksmuseum’s Philips-wing. Curator Christian Borstlap and actor John Malcovich created the introductory video. After the video one can admire many works by Segers. Especially the various prints of his etchings illustrate how he worked and experimented: different papers, smudging, colouring in the prints at later stages and other new techniques.

A second exhbiition on Segers can be visited at the house where Rembrandt and Saskia lived: the Rembrandthuis Museum. Here etching demonstrations are given at regular times and a temporary exhibition showing the influence of Hercules Segers and Rembrandt on modern artists can be admired.

The Hercules Segers exhibition at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam runs  till the 8th of January.
Concurrently, the Rembrandt House Museum Segers’ exhibition illustrates his influence on Rembrandt and modern artists.
Youtube video Hercules Segers retrospective 


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