Better slogans

The slogan of the shop kept me wondering. If it was part of a food branch, how many of these had mushroomed recently? How many casualties had their killer salads caused – since 1922?

I was in a hurry and on my way to a museum. I would pass one of my favourite tea rooms. Of course they do not restrict themselves to tea, but also serve coffee and other beverages. However, this shop is not about tea, coffee, drinks.

It is known for its fabulous cakes, sponges, three-tier affairs, scones, brownies, patisseries and related items. This shop has two problems: all tables and chairs are usually taken. If not, there’s the problem of what to have with my coffee or tea.

On my way to the museum, this was no problem. I simply had no time for cakes, scones, patisseries. Nevertheless, I stopped in my tracks. The black-board, out on the pavement and next to the shop’s entrance, sported a slogan:

“Trump prefers women size zero? We offer refuge – so come on in!”

I was still sniggering when I walked into the museum. Perhaps on the way back, there might be a table free?

babette-tearoomA few hours later, I walked out of the museum into a picture postcard. While inside, I had heard thunderstorms pass over and hail dance on the roof. The town and its pretty streets were covered in a white layer.

I walked through a Christmas picture. Just the kind of weather for a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream and something very soothing and sustaining. Something unrelated to “slim”, “size”, “zero”.

The tea room’s windows were steamed over. The black-board still stood next to the entrance. Surprised, I read the slogan on its back :

“Trump favours bikini-size? All sizes welcome here!”

Oh man! This sounded a lot better than “killer salads, established since 1922“! This was simply irresistible! I stepped inside.

As usual, there was a crowd – and a huge disappointment. No free tables; no chairs available. There was even a queue in front of the counter. Taking refuge from Trump, celebrating the wintry weather, supporting  XL and other sizes – it would have to wait till my next visit.

Nevertheless, I left with a spring in my step.
Trump and his cronies may be ready to rule America – Babette’s and its fans are not going to be ruled by him!

PS: Yes, the tea room’s owner is familiar with Isak Dinesen’s story and the film “Babette’s Feast”. “Bij Babette” can be found in Haarlem, the Netherlands.


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