More than a good sport

“The problem with being a good sport is, that you need to lose in order to proof it”. No idea whose quote this is, but after reading it, it remained stuck in my mind. 

No more impressive moment and example of dignified behaviour, then when President Obama stood in front of the White House, asking people to give the president-elect a chance. No more impressive moment and example of civilised behaviour, then when Hillary Clinton asked her supporters to work with Republicans.

It gained them my respect.

Had the winner of the US election lost, there would have been ravings, rantings, an unaccepted and challenged election result – and far worse.

The example the two losers set, especially President Obama whose nationality was even questioned, was inspiring.

So what I would very much like to “gain”: inspiring speeches President Obama made over his two terms in office – in print. Parts of the few I heard, thanks to these excerpts being broadcasted, impressed me very much. I want to hold on to the inspiration, the example set.

Not that I believe President Obama wrote all themselves. I suspect he may have been rather busy. But he must have had a hand in what he wanted to say, what the message should be.

So once Mr Obama has some time … Once he and his family have left the White House and settled somewhere else …

I very much hope, he will gather all those speeches and he and whoever helped him with them, will go over them again. I for one am looking forward and wishing for a bundle of President Obama’s speeches to be published. Preferably with some background info, for I did not keep track of all that happened in the world and occasioned these speeches.

And while he’s at it: I hope a few Mrs Obama made will be included too.

A handy bundle of inspiring words about hope, ideals, civilly conveyed messages, – these would be very welcome to read and reread and think about. With more and more countries the world over, either freely choosing or having foisted upon them leaders who belong to extreme right-wing, intolerant, totalitarian, extremist groups – we seem to be heading for a dark age.

So a collection of inspiring and enlightening words are needed and more than welcome.



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