Utrecht Early Music Festival 2016 missed concerts

It is not just the Scroll Ensemble’s fabulous fringe concert I will miss Sunday 4th of September. I will also miss Jonatan Alvarado’s second fringe concert at this Early Music Festival 2016.

His first concert at the 35th edition of the festival took place, while I was at the concert of the Jong Barok. The second chance to hear him will be on Sunday. If you are able to attend the festival Sunday, you have to choose between The Scroll Ensemble, Jonatan Alvarado, Pawel Siwczak, Zsombor Tóth-Vajna or the winner of the International van Wassenaer Concours. I will be working elsewhere during this last festival day.

20160828 Venetian Portraits 006Last year, I was fortunate enough to hear both the Scroll Ensemble’s concert and Jonatan Alvarado playing South American music. This year, Jonatan Alvarado performs music and songs by Giovanni Stefani twice, the second concert taking place Sunday 4th of September.

A few of the regular Early Music nerds who had been at his first concert, told me it was a pretty good one. Plenty love songs, good music, excellent performance. Which is very much what I said about his 2015 concert I attended. So: miffed this concert is one of several I missed or will miss.

As mentioned in the 2015 post, Jonatan Alvarado and his friend were busy trying to crowd fund the preservation of important music from South America. Had I been able to attend his last concert of the Early Music Festival 2016, I would have asked after the state of affairs.

In the meantime, I have settled on the “GegevenPaard”, or given horse. No, not an ensemble nor title of a concert, but the café inside Tivoli-Vredenburg. Like many bloggers, content creeps, freelancers and ordinary journalists, I need a place which offers friendly and extremely kind and helpful staff; good coffee or tea, cookies, lunch, perhaps the occasional hot meal – at a decent price – and with free WiFi and sockets included. The “Gegeven Paard” offers all this and its card has an Italian theme, due to “La Serenissima”.

20160828 Gegeven Paard 009

A tested tasty cappucino at the café Het Gegeven Paard, Tivoli Vredenburg, during the Utrecht Early Music Festival

At the start of the festival, the lattes were layered lattes served in large glasses. There was a choice of Italian cookies, nougat and more – without telling you what the snacks and plates are. As the festival proceeded, more folks settled on the “Gegeven Paard” as their meeting place and watering hole.

Staff were clearly getting overstretched. For coffee or tea to materialise started to take longer and longer, unless one mentioned one had to go off within 15 minutes. Other people’s orders regularly ended up at my table, causing a glazed look and protest. Settling the bill became adventurous. The hoard of Italian biscuits and cookies had evaporated, while the latte I had come to expect suddenly decreased in size and was served as an ordinary coffee.

Nevertheless: the terrace of this given horse which should not be looked in the mouth catches the sun till late in the afternoon. It is a convenient meeting point for festival goers and a highly convenient working space. Especially this last weekend of the festival, when the so-called “market” takes place.

I still fancy harps, lutes, harpsichords, perhaps a recorder – though my landlord objects to people making or listening to music, having howling dogs or caterwauling cats: in short – a kill-joy. Or as one of the Early Music nerds told me: “Your landlord does not want you to have pets. He’s got his own: the mice and worse crawling around the house.”

So the question remains: should I postpone getting a lute etc till a new place pops up, or give the landlord’s pets a fright? Know a (classical) music, dog and cat friendly large but cheap place for rent, feel free to contact me. Want to grumble about any of my recent posts, feel free to try to find me at the “Gegeven Paard”.

Jonatan Alvarado will perform his fringe concert of Giovanni Stefani: Affetti amorosi a second time at Kapitaal, at 15:30 on Sunday 4th of September 2016. Free tickets for the concert need to be obtained between 09:00 and 11:00 at the fringe ticket boot

Youtube Jonatan Alvarado and Etienne Moulinie perform songs from the Codex Zuola

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