Utrecht Early Music Festival 2016 part 8: Le Concert d’Apollon

Still rather bowled over by Ignotae Deae, I filed into Tivoli-Vredenburg’s large concert hall for a fabulous fringe concert. The Concert d’ Apollon was going to perform a selection of orchestral works by Lully, Corelli, Muffat. So it was back to the court of Louis XIV.

20160828 Venetian Portraits 007Had Ignotae Deae managed to more than impress, this fabulous fringe concert was so good, it moved me to tears and I was not the only one in my row. It was not the orchestra’s first appearance at the Utrecht Early Music Festival. They had already impressed in 2015.

This year, they opened with a “Melange des pièces sur Phaeton” by Lully. The audience was treated to some interesting percussion instruments, as well as a mix of pieces ranging from rondeaus, entrance of furies to spring airs. Where other orchestras receive signs of approval at the end of their concert – if they are lucky – , the Apollons managed to perform so outstandingly, the catcalls, applause and other signs of sincere appreciation started right after the “meange des pieces sur Phaeton”.

A perfect rendering of Corelli’s concerto grosso nr 4 “en Symphonie” caused an uproarious left upper part of the large concert hall to erupt with further catcalls and shouted bravos, mixing with a loud applause from the rest of the public. Well yes, they did earn all this; if only there were more orchestras like this one!

20160828 TV Fab Fringe 018

Le Concert d’Apollon, “forced to give” an encore at the Utrecht Early Music Festival 2016

Le concert d’Apollon rounded off their concert with another “melange des pièces”, this time by Georg Muffat, “sur Florilegium primum et secundum”. Did the public care: the whole hall went wild and gave a standing ovation with more catcalls and whistling and the public simply refusing to file out, till they were treated to an encore.

An absolutely fabulous concert – where many a professional orchestra could have learned a bit from.

Le concert d’Apollon members:
Elise van der Wel, Sara de Vries, Laura Fierro, Fumiko Morie, Anna Lester, Noyuri Hazama, Amy Shen, Hilla Heller: violins;
Ines Salinas, Annabeth Shirley, Evan Buttar cellos;
Alon Portal violone;
Marit Darlang bassoon;
Beto Caserio, Federico Forla, Lisa Buckland oboe ;
Felipe Egana, Radka Kubinova traverso;
Arjen Verhage theorbo;
Stephen Eelhart percussion;
Joao Rival harpsichord, conductor, artistic director

Orchestral works by Lully, Corelli, Muffat:

  • Lully: Melange des pieces sur Phaeton: Ouverture, Rondeau « Cherchons la paix », Rondeau « Que protee avec nous », Heureuse une ame indifferante, Entree des furies, Air pour le printemps, Chaconne.
  • Corelli : Concerto grosso nr 4 en Symphonie : Lentement – vite, Lentement ; Courante vif, Gigue vif, Finale
  • Muffat : Melange des pièces sur Florilegium primum et secundum :Ouverture « Sparantia gaudia », Air « Constantia », Balet, Les Cuisiniers, Menuet « Pour l’Hymen », Menuet II, Chaconne

Le Concert d’Apollon, new French Baroque Orchestra
Youtube Le Concert d’Apollon peforming at the Utrecht Early Music Festival 2015


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