Mr and Mrs Soolmans’ free Amsterdam reception

Marten and Oopjen 1Saturday, 2nd of July 2016, Mr and Mrs Soolmans receive their admirers at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: admission free. Or rather, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam is so happy the two magnificent Rembrandt portraits are on show right next to Rembrandt’s Night Watch, they offer free access to the museum – during one day.

You may give it a try – you won’t find me there. Marten and Oopjen 2The fans of Marten and Oopjen are numerous; in the Netherlands and elsewhere. They include the Netherlands’ royal couple as well as France’s president. So there will undoubtedly be a throng, a crowd, queues.

If you’re not interested in the Rijksmuseum’s Rembrandts, you can always join one of the free guided tours through the museum or their delicious drawing tour. The museum also organises regular lectures. Please scroll down for the link to the museum’s website, where you can check what is on offer.

Marten and Oopjen – long o as in go, by the way – can be admired from tomorrow till the 2nd of October at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. After the 2nd of October, the portraits are expected to tour the Netherlands. After this tour, they will join Mona Lisa and other fabulous art at the Louvre in Paris.

As blogged before, the Netherlands and France are co-owners of the beautiful portraits Rembrandt painted to commemorate Marten and Oopjen’s mariage.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Louvre, Paris


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