Neither has Shakespeare

To cite the card, propped up against copies of all his plays: “So I haven’t written much lately?”… Neither has Shakespeare and contrary to the great man, I’ve been quite busy – lately.

Websites were created and tweeked – some still need some improving. Services were advertised and clients approached.

Shakespeare 1There were cultural outings to organise and entice people to join these – and there are more in the pipeline. Cultural events, I mean.

Then there were a couple of museum jobs I was interested in and applied for. More of these, as well as other interesting jobs continue to be published. And this is just to give you some impression of what I have been doing – lately.

No, I did not make time to write great plays. I leave this to the experts, though personally, I believe not  that many playwrights can beat Shakespeare. By all means: feel free to disagree.

No, I did not make time to create poems either. Occasionally, a few nice lines cropped up. They never became something close to a poem though.

Nor did I create time to write a novel. Various plots were thought up and played with. Undoubtedly, one or two will turn into first versions – but not right now.

I did make time, during the odd rainy weekend with nothing better to do, to bake my first few sourdough breads and a first banana bread. Like the websites, more tweeking is needed. If you’re interested in an easy recipe for a banana bread, scroll down.

Shakespeare wife 2Anne Shakespeare probably never baked banana breads. Not sure what kind of loaves and cakes she would have baked, but she probably was good at beer brewing. Interested in a biography of her? Try Germaine Greer’s “Shakespeare’s Wife”. It is a very interesting read about the man, woman, era.

Easy banana bread

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