You’re never too old

mark twain“You’re never too old too ….” That is how the blog post started, which WordPress coughed up when I pressed their “discover’ button. I expected a chirpy post. Instead, the post read like a moan about ageing. It mentioned its author had been an actor at the age of 25 and from there, things became more and more depressing. I never bothered to finish reading its message.

For earlier that very Sunday – about 6 hours earlier –  I was walking along a small shopping street through a drizzle. It was one of those depressing mornings when a steady drizzle ensures the day is grey and you get wet through and through.To highten my misery, it was bone-cold.

I passed a small shop display. I walked on, stopped in my tracks, then turned back to the shop window.  I read the cross-stich message, embroidered on a blue-and-white cushion in the shop window. After reading not just the first few words, but the whole message, it felt like the sun was beaming upon me.

I hope to hang on to the sunny feeling the message gave me. Hope it makes you smile too:

Age is an issue of mind over matter.

If you don’t mind,

It doesn’t matter!

Mark Twain




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