Early Music Festival Utrecht 2015 part 9: Danzi Duo

Fabulous Fringe: the Danzi Duo in a musical duel

The Danzi Duo belongs to the Fabulous Fringe artists who perform in the great hall of Tivoli-Vredenburg around noon. Unfortunately, I filed in late. Fortunately, before the concert started, so though the best seats were taken, there remained plenty free ones on the left and right of the stage. Others who arrived late were less fortunate and seated themselves on the stairs during the concert.

As with other concerts taking place in this hall – regardless of these being the evening with successful and professional musicians or the fringe concerts with starting ones: somehow the microphones fail to pick up the human voice. Not when the voice is used to sing, but when a conductor or artist is addressing the public to explain things or interact with the audience.

This time, the victim was Anderson Fiorelli of the Danzi Duo. Whatever he said, it was lost to the side of the hall where I was seated with other members of the public. Friends tell me the problems with microphones can also be heard during evening concerts broadcasted on radio. So it was totally not mr Fiorelli’s fault part of his public could not hear his introduction to this concert, or explanation about the selected music and composers in this specific hall.

Regardless, as with the previous abfab fringe concert, I had a good view of the keys of the instrument played by Sofya Gandilyan. She is the other half of the Danzi Duo and played a beautiful fortepiano.

But as with mr Fiorelli’s voice: though a fortepiano does not sound at all like our present day piano – this one sounded remarkably more muted than most fortepianos. One wondered if Beethoven had been right about fortepianos and pianos as instruments.

What struck the two women sitting next to me as well: mr Fiorelli and ms Gandilyan were very focussed on the audience in front of them. This hall is circular. So concentrating on the facing audience means disregarding about three quarters of the seats in this hall. These two are fabulous fringe artists, so not exactly beginners and should be “stage aware”. Perhaps next year, things will go better.

With so much staked against them, the duo did treat the audience to Ludwig von Beethoven’s Sonata in F, Opus 5 nr 1. It was followed by Joseph Woelfl’s “Grand Duo in des Opus 31. Undoubtedly a duel between composers, as well as between fortepiano and cello. However, this concert was more a harmonious concert between two instruments than a duel – whether this was due to the microphones, or fully intended.

As with the previous fringe concert: perfect execution and delightful fabulous fringe concert. At times impressive, but certainly not mind-blowing. Fortunately, such a concert was going to take place that very afternoon.

Danzi Duo, 1st of September 2015, Great Hall, Tivoli-Vredenburg, Utrecht
Anderson Fiorelli (violon)cello
Sofya Gandilyan fortepiano

As with the previous ensemble: no website or youtube “presence” of this duo could be found at the moment of publishing this post.
Youtube Official Early Music Festival website, with videos and music


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