“Fiddling” happily through a few beers

After meeting a friend in the centre of The Hague, I felt thirsty. Might have been the Newcastle Kingsmen missed pub-like performance – or the weather (see Utrecht Early Music Festival part 1). The day had started pretty warm and humid as days with a promise of thunder and rain later on. By the time I walked towards “The Fiddler”, the sun had disappeared. People were still sitting on its terrace as it was still very warm, but I opted to go inside.

It was the right choice, for the sun soon started to shine through the windows, where I was seated; It had been a while since I had taken a few weeks to go through their own beers. For “The Fiddler” is not just a pub with over 200 beers in the centre of The Hague. They also have a micro brewery on the premisses. I had fallen deeply in love with their “Black Mamba”, their very own stout, but it was a while since I’d visited the pub.

Sure enough: no need to worry: “Black Mamba” can still be ordered as a half pint or pint and is just as superb as ever – if you love stouts. But no worry if you aren’t a lover of stouts. They also have their very own “Albino Fox”, “Lion’s Den”, their deliciously fresh red ale “Redhead”, their “Sea Lion’s IPA” (Indian Pale Ale), “Fuzzy Bear” and “Long Neck” (a German Weizen brewed on the premises). And if that’s not enough, you can of course choose from a range of draught and bottled beers.

Contrary to what you’d expect of such a location, prices are reasonable. From it’s terrace as well as at some tables inside, you have a view of tourists and locals milling about – as well as the lovely facade of the old townhouse and one of the old church’s sides. After I had finished my half pint of “Black Mamba”, the kind waitress convinced me to try their “Red Head” as well. These are my favourite ones, as I am not partial to blondes. While sipping the refreshing red ale, the huge clock of the church rung out.

The special The Hague dining tram went round the church twice. You can get a ticket for an expensive dinner on board and a special ride along the various tourist spots in The Hague and Scheveningen – in as far as these are situated along a tram rails. While it passed “The Fidldler” the second time, it was fully booked with tourists.

But no need to pay for an expensive ticket on board the tram: “The Fiddler” not only does beers. It also serves plenty kinds of food, ranging from rolls, soup, sandwiches, to burger plates and main dishes. Of course, there are deserts – including a Black Mamba Brownie –  and snacks or finger food as well and all at fairly reasonable prices for a location in the middle of the old town centre of The Hague.

This lovely English pub in the middle of The Hague has snooker tables upstairs, a regular pub quiz hosted by Irish Question Mark. Monday is “Weird Beer” day. Sport events are shown on large television screens. It gets quite full during sports events, especially when the game is football.

The only thing I could no longer find on their menu were the three pub-food dishes at a discount on a certain weekday. But this should not keep you from tasting their home-brewed beers. If you have a problem making a choice between these, try a taster board to sample a few. Expect half pint of “Black Mamba” or “Red Head” to set you back about 2.50 Euro and a sample board of a few of the home brewed ones to set you back 2.80 Euro.

Fiddler’s website

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