To update or not to

Where had the pictures gone? Just a question a blog follower asked me. Apparently, the post had been revisited and the reader had noticed a change. A few pics I’d taken of a beautiful exhibition, had been removed from my post.

Well: I’d removed my snaps, which I’d included in the post to make it more palatable, myself. After all: it were my own pics and they had accompanied my post about a temporary exhibition which had closed. It had not even closed recently, but well over two months ago.

It was past. It was passé. It was gone. It was history.
So: gone were the pics but not the post.

Don’t know about you, but I regularly reserve a few hours – usually during a weekend – to go over old posts. Posts which are roughly over three months old. I presumed these would no longer interest folks. Or rather: that the pics I’d taken and used to illustrate these posts, were no longer of interest.

Seems I was wrong. Some people land on your posts months after you wrote and published these.

If you do, you now know why some of my posts are all text and no fun. I probably stripped the pics or illustrations. Especially when a post has a current theme, or is about a temporary event, I presume the accompanying snaps have a limited use. For what is the use of keeping stale pics of say an exhibition which has closed over three months ago? It may whet your appetite, but you can no longer visit it.

The art will have either gone into hiding in a depot, or returned to its usual place in the museum, or been sent back to the museum which loaned it for a couple of months. The stately home’s garden will probably look different this year. A publisher may have decided to change the book’s cover. The film may no longer be on show anywhere in the world.

So yes, I occasionally “update” posts by removing incorporated media. I do not update the text as it usually reflects my impression, my opinion, or just a moment in time. The recipe may not have changed. If I or someone else improved on it, you will find a remark or comment.

No: I hardly ever remove a post. Most of my posts contain links to places on the internet where you can check information, tourist information, museum information, or whatever else may interest you.

Thought removing old, stale pics would not matter. What do you think? Feel free to comment – but don’t expect me to change my update routine. Oh – before I forget: this post does not contain any media.


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