An empty shell

If you have watched the film “The Duchess”, you will have seen scenes of a beautiful house and its interior, which no longer exist. If you live near Guildford, or like me had family living there, you may have been more familiar with it. Like me, you may have taken it for granted that it would always be there for another visit.

Unfortunately, Clandon Park House, a Palladian stately home which was built in the 18th century, no longer exists. Wednesday, a fire broke out. It left nothing but a roofless, empty shell.

Only a few works of art and one room survive, it seems. The future of the home is now uncertain. An investigation has started to try to determine not only where the fire started, apparently in the basement, but also why it spread so fast and caused practically total destruction.

Watching photos and videos of the fire and damage on various websites is quite upsetting. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. But go through reports of furniture and art which was on show in this stately home and it is sickening, to think that a Hogarth and many other irreplaceable items have now been lost for ever.

The house not only had beautiful rooms filled with art treasures, as well as a rich history. It also housed the Surrey Infantry Museum. Not much of this museum will have been saved either.

Guardian Clandon Park Fire
Art History News Clandon Park Fire
Surrey Infantry Museum
Film “The Duchess”

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