Rude awakening – and not even saving energy, nor money

If you’re anything like me, this morning was awful. It always takes me at least a week to get used to the so-called “saving time” or even “summer time”. When I woke up this morning, my grumpiness did not improve when the radio news announced, there’s NO proof DST actually does not work.

What I’d told friends for decades, was now underpinned by serious scientifical research. You and I – and all the other dupes – are actually not saving any energy and not helping save this planet by putting the clock forward an hour each year and putting it back to the right time, a few months later. DST actually costs energy and certainly doesn’t save you money.

No idea why it took them so long to clog on. For the niche I live in, tried DST during the early part of the 20th century and abandoned the trick well before WWII – and not without good cause. So reintroducing the same trick towards the end of that same century and sticking to it despite reports that it actually costs money and energy, only proves to me one thing: humans don’t get smarter.

You don’t believe this? I mean that DST doesn’t save energy nor money – not the bit about evolution handing us a brain the size of a coconut and us still using it to peel bananas. Here are links to Forbes, National Geographic, the New York Times website with articles supporting the DST fib. Google the issue and you’ll undoubtedly find more scientifically underpinned articles.

More interesting: what if like me, you wake up grumpy because you lost an hour’s worth of sleep? You can try to adjust your body to the madness of DST by taking a week or longer to slowly and gently adjust it by putting your alarm 10 minutes forward a day. Of course, you do the same thing later this year by putting your alarm 10 minutes early a day, till you land on the correct time.

If by now, you’re feeling you can take more bad news about how an hour’s lack of sleep affects you as reported on the Independent website, click the link.

So: how about tackling this DST madness? Why not get this outdated idea abolished? Anybody starting a petition: keep me posted!

In the meantime:



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