Not forgotten

No, though I have not posted about mr Badawi recently, this does not mean that I have forgotten about him and his plight, like so many other people and especially bloggers.

When Prince Charles recently visited Saudi Arabia, he brought up the Badawi case. It did not help and while he was discussing mr Badawi’s case, capital and other cruel punishments just went on as usual.

Of course, Prince Charles was not the only royal person to ask for this case to be reviewed and punishment to be stopped. A member of the Jordanian Royal Family also “… appealed for the flogging to be halted and for Badawi to be pardoned, … and to urgently review this type of extraordinarily harsh penalty.”

But apparently, all to no avail. One wonders why clemency, decency, a humane attitude are apparently such big issues in some countries. Most of the world think it’s inhumane to torture a diabetic the way mr Badawi is.

Newspapers and tv channels have stopped reporting and protesting. On the other hand, Amnesty International and individuals have not stopped protesting and organising petitions.

This week, however, it was not a petition for mr Badawi I signed. At last, Amnesty International had started gathering signatures for its petition to free mr Badawi’s lawyer, who was also sentenced and is now in jail.

It is to be hoped that mr Waleed Abu al-Khair, mr Badawi’s lawyer and a Human Rights activist, will be released soon. Though judging from the behaviour of the Saudi government and clergy, faced with worldwide protests about their treatment of mr Badawi as well as mr al-Khair and others, far more pressure may be needed.


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