It is a well-known fact, that some men have a problem with women in certain careers and jobs. Sometimes, even newspapers have such a problem. Take today’s UK Daily Telegraph.

Its home page bleats “New era for Church”. What’s going on? Well, the Church of England gets its first female bishop in England. Or as the Daily Telegraph puts it “New era for Church as first female bishop ordinead”. It’s listed right between “Stiff upper lip” and “Greens want to scrap”, last time I checked.

Guess male bishops get ordained and female bishops ordinead? Clicked the header and landed on the article. The caption read “New era for Church of England as first female bishop consecrated”. Turns out John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor wrote an article about Libby Lane, the first female bishop of the Church of England – in England.

Tried to contact the paper about the blooper. Tried to contact the Religious Affairs Editor about the typo. As is usual today: there is a contact page, for which you need to scroll down to the very, very bottom of the paper’s home page.

Once you click the “contact”, you end up on a page with links like Contact the Telegraph, Advertising, Apps for mobiles blab, Our Journalists, Terms and Conditions, FAQs, Awards (of course), and a lot of other useless puff. All I wanted was to send off a small mail with the link to the home page typo.

By sheer accident, I clicked on the pic underneath Contact the Telegraph. Up popped a message stating I was contacting the media group. Not what I wanted, but I did get another page. I read I might phone – handy if you’re expat – and got a long list of issues to choose from.

Spelling mistakes wasn’t included and by then, I thought: why should a reader have to go through all this bother, if a paper, its editor(s), its journalist(s) can’t bother to use a bloody spelling and grammar checker and research an article before publishing bloopers and typos on their home page?

PS: Interested in a cute pic? Have a look at a Koala selfie on today’s Daily Telegraph website.

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