Nous sommes Charlie, but gone are all the men

Yesterday, several newspapers showed a picture of the Paris march on their websites. You remember: the march for unity many world leaders joined – for about fifteen minutes?

The picture had been photoshopped. (See “cracks and coverage“.) A certain Jewish paper had decided the pic was only fit to be printed, if all female world leaders had been photoshopped out of it. So much for rallying cries like “Nous sommes Charlie”! For a link to this article: Independent.

Of course, it took a feminist to poke fun at this attitude; to poke fun at people bending reality to fit their world view. She took the same picture and photoshopped all male world leaders out of it. For a link to the feminist take: Independent.

I accidentally found a link to her photo and an article about it on the Independent website. The Jewish paper’s photoshopping made a headline; the feminist one not. Yeah: it’s just good for a laugh. There are just German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Vice-President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini, and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo left in front of a very, very empty looking street.

On the other hand: no better way to illustrate, there just aren’t enough female (world) leaders!

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