Nous sommes Charlie: cracks and coverage

Barely two days after the French unity marches, it is upsetting to read on various news websites that cracks are already surfacing. While victims have either just been buried, or their funerals still have to take place!

First, I came across a picture of Sunday’s Paris march on the UK Daily Telegraph website. It showed the world leaders at the front of this march. But not as I remembered them walking. Where had Angela Merkel gone? Well, at least one paper seems to have found it necessary to photoshop the pictures. All female world leaders have been photoshopped out of their version. Ah yes: this is of course a men’s world … For the article:Telegraph.

Then there was the article on the Independent website. The partner of Charlie Hebdo’s editor may not be at his funeral. Not because she doesn’t want to be there. No! It seems his family do not want her there: see Charlie Hebdo editor’s girlfriend, The Independent website.

Thirdly, The Independent had finally clogged on to what I mentioned in one of my first blog posts about the events (see my Nous sommes Charlie). Five days after me writing about it, The Independent “breaks” the news that the Dutch Rotterdam Mayor, mr Aboutaleb, had reacted strongly against the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

As I remarked in my post: mr Aboutaleb was livid and very outspoken in this television interview. Interested in the Independent article: Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam Aboutaleb, Independent. I certainly hope, him being so outspoken does not earn him a place on extremists’ death lists.

At least the UK Guardian kept things kind of subdued. Like many of the French papers, Le Monde for instance, the Guardian concentrates on the funerals. It is also one of the few English papers which website contains an article about what the gunmen’s actions meant for their unsuspecting family members. (Guardian)

So if the coverage of Sunday’s march already left me with mixed feelings, the apparent photoshopping of pictures and other headlines increased these.

As for tomorrow’s Charlie Hebdo issue: though it will be available in various countries, I doubt I will be able to buy it. But as stated on the Guardian website, there will be web editions available: Charlie Hebdo to produce three million copies in many languages.



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