Don’t panic!

Recovering from too many oil dumplings and bubbles during New Year’s Eve, I noticed a UK Telegraph header stating “made Dad’s Army look slick”.

Being a fan of the comedy series “Dad’s Army”, of course I had to have a look. As you’re reading this, you know I didn’t die laughing – but I’m sure you won’t mind me sharing a laugh.

The article reports on a drill in the south of the UK, to prepare emergency services and civilians for a nuclear disaster at sea. Of course, things did not go according to plan …

“… led to order being given for the wrong village to be evacuated. … Response at Plymouth council became chaotic after … a highly secure government server used to respond to major emergencies, went off-line …  was a problem with the patient handover as there was no forward bronze [commander] so the local first aiders decided to carry on to Hospital, which caused confusion because the Hospital was not expecting any patient … ” … “It would not happen during a real life emergency.”

One certainly hopes not!

Senior NHS officials, who were supposed to “assess on how a nuclear emergency would impact on health services”, complained they were unable to fulfil this because “there were no plans to include casualties …” They added that a broadband connection they had paid for was not available.

 The local fire service complained of a “lamentable” lack of maps and charts, and said they were kept in the dark over the risk posed by the radioactive cloud, with the dispatching of fire engines “confused”.

The Met Office was tasked with monitoring the wind speed and direction, in the hope of tracking where the radioactive plume … might float.  However, the forecasters were an hour late arriving after the wrong names were given to the security list on the door – and when they were given access to the war-room, many did not understand what they were talking about. Staff from … County Council were left confused by not knowing “whether the wind was blowing from, or to the direction named.”

The report concluded that the Ministry of Defence, Whitehall and government scientists tasked with responding to a nuclear disaster at sea, are well-prepared. … Overall, the Office for Nuclear Regulation deemed the exercise a success.

Yeah, don’t panic: Whitehall has enough time to scamper north, should a nuclear incident happen in front of a Cornwall beach.

For the complete article on the UK Telegraph site: Don’t Panic! 
The complete DVD collection of the “Dad’s Army” series can be bought through Amazon.

Oh: and a Happy New Year to you all!


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