New year new website urge

With just a few days to the new year, my favourite news  websites seem to have been bitten by a bug to launch  new websites, or at least the urge to revamp their present ones. The focus is no longer on real news. The focus is on slick looks.

So instead of a few big headers, followed by lists of news items you might like to browse, there are advertisements at the top, to the side, bottom, even hidden inside the news webpages you are reading. While scrolling to read a decent news article, suddenly a window appears and you’re stuck to watch an ad you simply do not want, which tries to sell you a) a new car, b) a holiday – anything you do not want and don’t have the money for.

Or there are advertisements at the top, the side, and no longer decent headers and articles, but pictures with a caption underneath.

Of course, as a serious daily reader of English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German newspaper websites, I’ve not been consulted. Neither have you, of course. Guess that, contrary to the fact that quality newspapers are under threat and loosing readers, the papers have money to burn. So they spent their bucks on hiring some slick website developing company which in turn decided what should please the reading public.

So instead of reading quality news from my favourite UK Guardian website, I now prefer to browse the websites of papers which are my second best or worse.

No, I don’t particularly like the UK Independent website. No, its news quality is definitely not as good as the UK Guardian’s. The UK Independent website just has not changed much – so far. It simply has the look and feel I prefer.

The new Guardian website currently runs a poll to justify its change into an all pics and two-word caption ado. Guess they think their readers are dimwits who can hardly spell or string more than two words together. Or that everybody on this world reads their website on tiny tables, or IPhones?

Regardless of how many times I take part in the poll created by yet another company, to vent my dislike, the new website is here to stay. Such polls are just to give the public the idea they are being involved into something brilliant. The conclusions are forgone, the money far gone, me as a reader just gone.

Interested in this new “life-enhancing” improved website? Want to take part in the Monkey poll? Feel free to have a look at the new Guardian website.

No: no need to contact me to tell me I’m a morose.
And no: I’ve no intention to revamp the look and feel of my blog.


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