Fat chance

The nice thing with being stressed – in my case – is the loss of weight. At least, I presume I lose superfluous fat. I noticed in the mirror my cheeks look less chubby and one now occasionally shows a dimple. It shows on the left, when I smile or pull faces. The latter occurs when I look at my mirror image. The first one when you’d meet me.

So: noticing the dimple, I pulled out the scales from their hiding place and dusted them off. Just to be sure, I stood on them at various spots in the bathroom. Sure enough: these past few weeks my weight had fallen below the magical 65 kg at last.

I had been aiming on and off for it. Yet, my weight stubbornly refused to join my “2014 accomplished resolutions” list. But now, without even aiming for it, my weight had dipped just below 65 kg. Mind: ordinary scales are notoriously incorrect.

Regardless, I was happy feeling light. For one of the other things which happen when I’m experiencing stress, is having a strong craving for chocolate. It used to be an urge to eat an extra dark bar per night. At the moment, I’m trying to control a need for cheap white chocolate bars sold at the local Lidl.

I was pretty happy – till I skimmed the Daily Telegraph website. “Being fat is a disability”, the headline screamed. If you carry the odd extra kilo or more, you know that obesity is not only a disability. You usually need to put up with abuse or hurtful comments. You have problems finding the right clothes and sizes, as most are made for super skinny models. It is especially hard, when it is not your eating habits which caused your weight gain.

EU legislation may now force bosses of obese employees to “provide larger seats, special parking spaces and other facilities”. Companies will also have to think twice about firing obese people. A Danish case actually caused this ruling.

No, what made me think twice about my weight loss and crave another Lidl white chocolate bar, was the last paragraph: “What about protection for those who are underweight, short or tall or who simply believe their employer thought they didn’t look attractive enough?” Regardless of how you look, it’s just never okay. Fat chance anybody has of pleasing bosses.

Rouble troubleFortunately, I noticed Matt’s rouble trouble cartoon. Hope it makes you laugh too. Perhaps, later today, I should head for the supermarket and buy an extra Christmas pudding?

Oh – and if you have a look at the UK Telegraph’s website right now, you may not only enjoy Matt’s cartoon (don’t forget the cartoon archives).

Fat chance my sleepy local council meetings get as exciting as the Paris one.


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