Classical Music Review: Camerata Delft

Camerata Delft is an ensemble which consists of a group of about ten professional musicians. At the short Baroque concert I attended, only three members were present: Leonore Engelbrecht (soprano), Imre Rolleman (flute), and Andrew Clark (organ). All music was composed by Händel, but from different periods of his life.

Like the ensemble, the organ was a down-sized one. It was not any of the huge church organs, but a small chest-organ. Some people build these themselves. They are easy to transport and therefore quite popular for concerts where the stage has to be emptied fast.

The concert started off with Händel’s sonata in C, played by mr Rolleman and mr Clark. Originally, it had been scheduled as the second piece of this concert. This sonata from Händel’s Italian period has an interesting cycle of Larghetto, Allegro, Larghetto, Gavot, followed by another Allegro.

Though certainly not an organ fan, I loved the combination of organ and flute. Usually, an organ has a rather overwhelming presence. But now, there was a perfect balance between flute and chest-organ. Especially the “a tempo di Gavott” was a nice surprise.

The piece which had originally be scheduled to open the concert, had been relegated to second place. Had it been performed as the opening piece of the concert, I would have silently slipped out. Ms Engelbrecht sung the aria “Lascia che pianga” from Handel’s “Rinaldo”. After the sonata, it was a let-down.

The third piece was not: it was Händel’s “Voluntary nr 3”, an organ solo. However, the nicest two pieces were the last ones. Ms Engelbrecht sung two songs from “Neun Deutschen Arien”. They were „Meine Seele hört im Sehen“ and „Flammende Rose“.

The aim of this short concert may have been to play pieces from different periods in Händel’s life. I would totally not have minded, if Camerata Delft had performed all nine German arias, with the Sonata in C as cherry on the cake.

More information about future concerts and the ensemble can be found on the website Camerata Delft.
For an impression of a performance by Camerata Delft, listen to Youtube Camerata Delft.


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