Classical Music Review: Trio Cortado

On a gloomy and grey day, my friends and I filed into the church just five minutes before the concert started. We were handed the program and found a wooden bench close to the stage. This time, we were not there for the Symphony Atlantique, but the Trio Cortado.

The members of this trio, consisting of Hannah de Witte (flute), Arthur Klaassens (oboe), and Jasper Grijpink (clarinet), regularly take part in competitions and perform with orchestras. Their CVs are impressive.

If you read this blog regularly or visit such concerts yourself you will know that … there was a last-minute change to the program. There was only going to be one Bach Prelude and Fuga; not two.

After this announcement, the concert started with a Prelude and Fuga by Bach from his Wohl Temperiertes Klavier. This was followed by a Corelli sonata, which brought a mediterranean mood to the gloomy day.

As a contrast to the slightly frivolous Corelli sonata, there followed a sonate a trè by English composer Charles Avison. It began solemnly enough. Fortunately, its mood became far lighter in its last two parts. The Trio Cortado finished with – as one of its members put it: “the fast pieces from Bach’s Italian Concert”.

By then, my Italian guest had already started to feel homesick she said, due to the beautiful rendering of the Corelli Sonata. The “fast parts” of the Bach’s Italian Concerto brought back memories of Venice.

Throughout this concert, it was quite clear that these musicians are quite experienced and brilliant performers. The sound of all three instruments blended into something very ethereal and moving. As none of these pieces were originally written for a trio of flute, oboe, clarinet, the arrangements by Trio Cortado deserve a compliment as well.

As my guests remarked as we sauntered out: “A perfect way to spend a lunch break on a grey day”. So don’t forget to ask the tourist information office of the town you’re visiting, if by any chance, there are free concerts taking place.

Concert by Trio Cortado:
J.S. Bach Prelude and Fuga from Das Wohltemperiertes Klavier;
Arcangelo Corelli, Sonata “da Chiesa”, Op 3
Charles Avison, Sonata a trè
J.S. Bach, Italian Concerto (Concerto nach Italienischem Gusto)

Youtube excerpt of a Trio Cortado performance


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